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Fairy In Black

About me

Hello! My name is Anastasia (Ana) Frenkel, also known as Fairy in Black. I currently live in Canada and I’m working on my first degree in visual arts. My dream is to be a professional illustrator one day and create art suitable for book covers or board games as I’ve always been a big fantasy lover. I grew up obsessing over Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and as a result my art focuses on the imaginary and magical. I capture the pictures in my head with watercolors, graphite, and charcoal, making them real using this strange sorcery called Art.

Fairy In Black' Artwork

Birds of Pride: Trans
Birds of Pride: Lesbian
Birds of Pride: Bi
Birds of Pride: Ace
Birds of Pride: Pan
Birds of Pride: LGBTQ+
The End
Beyond the mountains

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